Mineral balance
    Mineral balance

    Support from spring to autumn


    Product description

    Supplementary feed 

     Ezem / Mauk-Vital is a specially formulated summer supplementary feed for pasture on grassland. 

     Supports cell metabolism.


    Sea algae lime, linen extraction meal, molasses 

    Analytical components: 

    Raw ash21,60 %
    Crude protein18,90 %
    Raw fat4,30 %
    Raw phases8,90 %


    Feeding recommendation / Content

    Feeding recommendation: 

    120 g per day, for a horse weighing 400 - 500 kg 

    For further feeding recommendations, ask your Reico partner. In the event of acute symptoms, seek veterinary advice. Always set up enough water for free absorption. 

    Net weight: 

    10 kg / Item no .: 4051

    Vital-Systems for horses

    A tremendous advance in feed research 

    The wild ancestors of our current pet, the horse, lived on a large variety of plants in their respective habitats. These grasses and herbs grew on a soil that was neither depleted by intensive agriculture nor damaged by environmental influences. 

    If we strive for the goal of feeding our pets as species-appropriate and thus healthy as possible, this is more industrially obtained if we only use it Feed raw materials not completely possible with the addition of some mineral mixture. The many herbal ingredients of different herbs, which are actually ingested by a wild herbivore, cannot be replaced by anything except for the widest possible range of such herbs. 

    However, it does not depend on the forage plants as a whole, but only on the ingredients of the plant cells. The cellulose of the cell walls and the fiber structures of the plants can be broken down by the digestive system of our horses, but these small amounts only play a subordinate role in the overall energy balance. On the other hand, they are just ballast for the animal as well as for us. That is why we subject our herbal additives to a process that defibrates the herbs and chops their cells so finely at a maximum of 36 ° C that all plant cells are mechanically destroyed and the animal organism can immediately absorb the valuable ingredients without hindrance. 

    Through use of plants from different regions and the mixture with sea plants as well as various selected algae species, we also ensure the supply of the horses with trace elements and micronutrients, which are essential for the optimal health of the animals (as well as humans). 

    Your horses stand Different feed additives are available with which deficiencies can be largely eliminated or avoided from the outset depending on the performance requirements and the individuality of the animals.

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